Santeramo in Colle (Bari), June 2011 - The objectives are to focus on innovation applied to the production and the achievement of a certification on raw materials, to ensure environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. This is the path followed by the Natuzzi Group to provide adequate responses to the growing demand for green products to furnish the house.

For the International Year of Forests, declared by the United Nations in 2011, the Company is committed to improve its already advanced principles and criteria of good governance, for the protection and enhancement of trees and forests. According to the Company Philosophy, the wood is considered an excellent material, in terms of quality and environmental condition, but only if it is legally produced and comes from forests managed in a responsible manner. For this reason, Natuzzi Group does not accept wood illegally extracted from unchecked and endangered forests.

In particular, before any wood purchase or its derivatives, Natuzzi Group, with its employees, collects all the required data to prove the source, just to exclude from trade materials and products produced by illegal activities, which undermine the environment and the forests safety.

In accordance with the wood traceability principle, suppliers should regularly report source, volume and species of all the sold wood. Natuzzi Group will cancel any supply contracts with all those producers who do not undertake to respect the following important conditions, strictly followed in the majority of the Group's production plants:

• Declare the Country of origin and confirm the legal status and the exact position of cutting and tree trunks transport, by all the appropriate documents. The seller is committed to providing the documents to the buyer within 48 hours upon request.

• Do not use wood from intact natural forests or other sites geographically identified as "High Conservation Value Forests", unless those sites have been certified by FSC standards.

• Do not sell wood coming from the logging of forests related to social conflicts, from logging operations in tropical or subtropical regions linked to the project of converting natural forests to plantations and wood originated from genetically modified trees.

Natuzzi Group points to the sustainability by using: materials derived from wood, which contain minimal or zero amounts of formaldehyde, in line with the strictest international legislation; polyurethane foam for upholstery made in total absence of freon; "wet-white" leather: the most natural and environmentally friendly, thanks to a manufacturing process that does not involves the use of chromium and other heavy metals during the tanning. Moreover, Natuzzi has a management system adequate to control the environmental impacts of its activities, and is constantly looking for improvements, in a coherent, effective and sustainable way, thanks especially to the ISO 14001 environmental certification.