Natuzzi Italia launches its new e-commerce platform 2 Natuzzi Italia launches its new e-commerce platform 3

Natuzzi Italia launches its new e-commerce platform

Natuzzi announces the launch of Natuzzi Italia’s first e-commerce platform (link: The new sales channel is available in Italy, Spain and UK.

The new platform is another step in the company’s digitalization process, forming part of a broad omnichannel strategy that aims to achieve seamless integration between the brand’s physical and digital channels.

The e-commerce platform was conceived by drawing on the shopping experience inside Natuzzi Italia’s physical stores and works on two levels: there is a whole story, on the one hand, behind the product, with a careful focus on the technical information and images, while on the other there is a tale to tell about each collection, connected with the Natuzzi Italia brand’s values and DNA.

Available either as a desktop version, or else optimized for mobile devices, it provides an advanced user experience that makes it easy to access and purchase the products. The Natuzzi Italia collection that can be purchased online includes a wide range of sofas, armchairs, furniture and accessories, all of which can easily be configured in real time in various versions, colors and materials which helps to make the experience as close as possible to being in the physical store.

The new e-commerce platform is fully integrated with the Natuzzi Italia store network, which enables the customer either to purchase products online and have them delivered to their home – via a carefully designed delivery system that can even be used for heavy furniture – or else to pick up the product at the customer’s chosen store. Lastly, the e-commerce website enables the online user to book an appointment at the store and be welcomed by a sales consultant, thus building an omnichannel purchasing experience optimized for the customer’s various needs. 

The goal is to revolutionize the concept of shopping experience in the furniture industry, providing customers with a “digital journey” that is at the same time useful, highly interactive and memorable.

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