'Sculptures look to the future. They have to survive their creators and hand themselves down from generation to generation.'

Sculpture: noun [from Latin sculptura, der. of sculptus, past. part. of sculpĕre «to sculpt»]. - The art of making two - or three - dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone, wood or other materials.

Energy:noun [from Latin energīa, gr. ἐνέργεια, der. of ἐνεργής «active», from ἔργον «work»]. - a. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity; b. Power derived from the utilisation of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines; c. A usually positive spiritual force.

Dynamism: noun [der. of dynamic]. - 1. In philosophy, the theory that phenomena of matter or mind are due to the action of forces rather than to motion or matter; 2. a. Entirety of dynamic manifestations; b. Quality of that which is dynamic or defined thus: dynamism of a work of art; dynamism of an economic system; c. Intense activity, vitality, energy that results in rapid action and decisions.

Torsion is an imposing round table which,
just like a sculpture, as Pasquale Natuzzi had
envisaged, deserves to be placed in the centre
of the room


A distinctive, unique design that stands
out for its modern monumentality and, at the same
time, for its evocative and symbolic potency,
expressing all the strength, beauty, energy and
inexhaustible dynamism of the ancient olive trees
of Puglia. Trees with indomitable trunks, twisted
to withstand the winter winds.


The top, two metres in diameter, is made of
extra-clear tempered glass with a polished edge.
The structure that supports the glass top evokes
the unfolding of an olive tree, consisting of six
stylised "branches". Each branch is composed of
about 10 strips of solid olive wood, pantographed
with precision CNC machines, then glued and
polished by hand with an oil finish.


«The Torsion table, made of olive wood, is the fruit of my inexhaustible and endless passion for that fascinating home architecture which, fatally, has always been the centre of the domestic space»

Mario Bellini

Torsion is the fruit of a coming together.
A strong and perennial bond between two visionary minds, that of Pasquale Natuzzi and that of Mario Bellini.

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